Spring Time Lines

Spring Timelines, 17 silk handkerchiefs screenprinted with floral designs, flies, bees, and 10 poems written in English and German, sewn to red yarn. Each handkerchief is 16”x16”. 2021.

Selected poems by romantic writers who lived in the Donautal (the same area as the Schlachthof) and English language writers on the topic of spring are combined with flowers and imagery from the other pieces in the exhibition using silkscreening. The consistent topic of spring connects through all the poems, some more laudatory and others critical. The insects reappear in repeatead patterns. The colors connect to the sign colors seen in Signals. Displayed in a ray of clothesline, the handkerchiefs flutter in the breeze and are transparent front to back and visible through one another. Connected through a similar theme, the floral imagery is made from capturing the shadows of the flowers around Sigmaringen and edited to be mirrors or silhouettes.
Installed in the Lycoming College Art Gallery as part of Fallen Lines.