Fallen Lines

November 19, 2021-January 22, 2022
Lycoming College Art Gallery
Williamsport, PA


Forty piece installation, kozo, cotton, and abaca on sculpted rabbit fencing and wire, ink, crochet yarn, map pins

Spring Time Lines

17 silk handkerchiefs screenprinted with floral designs, flies, bees, and poems written in English and German, sewn to red yarn.
Each handkerchief is 16”x16”

Signals II: Infestation

Forty piece installation of custom cut oracal vinyl signage and reflective tape
Signs range from 6” to 24” in length

Pollination Ceremony

Color/sound video documentation of collaborative performance with musicians Phillippe Wozniak and Michael T. Otto, June 27, 2021.
Signals II: Infestation and Frühlingsglaube installation continued.