Frühlingsglaube, forty piece installation, kozo, cotton, and abaca on sculpted rabbit fencing and wire colored with ink hung with red string from the slaughterhouse hooks. ~25'x20'x5' 2021.

Frühlingsglaube roughly translates to a belief or hope felt as a result of spring. The title is from a romantic Friedrich Uhland poem of the same name, describing the fleeting beauty of spring and the hope that springs from the changing of the seasons. The spring of 2021 was an opening up of human activity after long lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. The beauty of blossoming trees is ephemeral and is all the more beautiful for its fleeting nature. The long dark pandemic winter and the overarching sense of doom led to all the more precious awakening. The use of red and abstract petal or wing forms as installed in a former slaughterhouse visually connects to flayed skin, bloody edges, as well as organic floral edges as found on a crepe myrtle or a linden tree. Caught in suspended animation, Frühlingsglaube captures the moment of transformation from life to death.

Installed in the Lycoming Art Gallery as part of Fallen Lines