Action: Dig in the same hole from 2:30-3:30 Monday through Friday for 40 hours.
Performance duration: 40 hours over 2 months
Materials: dirt, clay, rocks, shovel
June 20, 2011 through August 12, 2011
Franconia Sculpture Park, Franconia, MN
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Screenshots from performance
Action: Smash 22 light bulbs; leave the room black.
Performance duration: 1 minute 45 seconds
Materials: 60 watt lightbulbs, light fixtures, hammer
March 2011
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Action: Layer 40 sheets of broken sheetrock to one another while concurrently drawing each layer
Performance duration: 40 sheets over 2 months
Materials: 1/2 inch drywall, drywall screws, spackle, tools
October - November 2011
Alfred NY
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Sculpture and performance.
Action: Sift flour until none remains within the pantyhose.
Performance duration: 45 minutes
Dimensions: roughly 16'x4'x9'
Materials: nylon pantyhose, all-purpose flour, wood, chain
Performance photos taken and edited by Margaret Storms
April 2011
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Screenshots from video
Action: Tile, grout, and wash a portable floor.
Performance duration: 50 minutes
Materials: tile, mortar, grout, wood, mixed media
March 2011
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