ONE Arts Center
Burlington, VT
March 14, 2015

Lifetime Guarantee questions their abilities to connect over long distances. Inspired by childhood tin can telephones and the use of knots and fiber in Kristen's work, Long Distance reflects the nature of maintaining a relationship living 1400 miles apart.

Jenny and Kristen tightly wound red thread around handmade spools and placed each spool in their respective mouths. Pulling the string from their lips, they tied each end into a single knot, unifying the thread as one. At the same time, they backed away from one another slowly while the thread unspooled behind tightly closed lips. Keeping tension in the line, they delineated the space in the gallery and exited from opposite doorways. Once outside, they continued around the building until their backs met and the string equally ran out. They paused, gathered their string, wound it up and walked away from one another until reunited face to face again in the gallery.